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Payroll Taxes

Employees are the foundation of any successful business, and prompt payment is good for the morale and health of your company. Punctual payment is, however, more often easier say it than do it. Payroll can be hectic and stressful, but luckily, you can turn to Latorre & Company to take care of yours quickly, accurately and with the utmost privacy and discretion. 

Payroll Taxes

For many employers, there will be various payroll and sales tax filings that will need to be completed. Our firm provides comprehensive payroll and sales tax services for businesses, corporations, partnerships, and more. For payrolls, we assign each of our clients to a staff member who will personally walk you through every step of the process. We will file all necessary federal, state, and local quarterly reports, year-end reports, and include W-2 preparation as part of our payroll services. Our tax firm will also prepare any 1099s as necessary if the information is timely furnished at the beginning of each year. For sales tax, we are primarily North Carolina based and can help navigate all necessary state filings. As many big box companies have flooded the market, our firm has maintained its position for many businesses in our local community. We strive to do so for many years to come.

As a business continues to grow, it must hire more employees, which can lead to increased payroll administration. Without proper guidance and support, your payroll responsibilities can become more complicated, time-consuming, and difficult to complete – taking precious time away from growing and maintaining your company. Our payroll tax specialists in North Carolina can help you develop and set up an efficient and reliable payroll system. We can also manage your daily payroll responsibilities for you. As part of our payroll services, the professionals at Latorre and Company also prepare all necessary payroll tax returns and yearly paperwork in a timely manner.

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