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Personal Taxes

W-4, 1040, 941, Accounting is certainly a numbers game and keeping track of how you deal with what is an equation in itself. Our tax experts at Latorre & Company will take care of the problem and provide you with what you need: your taxes will be paid on time and according to government specifications, and with proper tax planning, your tax bill can be kept to a minimum . 


You'll have more time to focus on growing your business, rather than worrying about audits. What you will find with Latorre & Company is the new baseline for fast, friendly and quality tax service

Personal Taxes

For most of our clients, the first tremendous benefit is our guidance in getting better prepared for tax season.  Sometimes this will include moving receipts out of a shoebox and into a more organized monthly system.  Simple bill paying systems can help and better tracking of household expenses can also be helpful. At each step of your tax preparation process, we partner with you to ensure you are organized and no longer overwhelmed.


For families with paychecks big and small, a lack of deductions or tax credits can be an issue.  You want to maximize your tax savings and keep as much money in your pocket, but often overlook expenses that may be available.  For instance, can you deduct a portion of the cost of the new roof you put on your primary home?  Are you deducting your child care expenses, health insurance premiums, and education costs?

There are usually conditions around correctly claiming tax deductions or credits.  For instance, if you have student loan interest you may be able to deduct it from your tax return but only if you satisfy certain conditions.  Another great example is a home office if you work out of your home what can you deduct and, more importantly should you deduct your home office?  We can help you make that decision.

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